mass lay-offs

Since our office is focused on labor law, we have extensive experience from projects involved in mass layoffs of the employees. The cost cutting measure is never without emotions; therefore litigations often arise even they are unfounded. Therefore great attention has to be given to the procedural part of this unpleasant decision. Taking into consideration the fact that sometimes hundreds of people are laid off at one time and a lot of redundancy payments are paid, it is necessary to make sure one wrong sentence in the template do not repeat several times. Repeating a mistake in this procedure could become costly. We offer complex services for companies that want to conduct a mass layoff:
  • Consultations for planned mass layoffs;
  • Prepare timeline for mass layoff;
  • Estimate costs and risks from labor law perspective;
  • Elaborate supportive documents for negotiations with the representatives of the employees. These documents must contain information prescribed by the Labor Code;
  • Inform the National Labor Office on the planned measures;
  • Inform on the outcome of the negotiations with the representatives of the employees the National Labor Office and the representatives of the employees;
  • Consulting with the National Labor Office the possible ways to avoid or limit mass layoffs;
Only after all these steps are conducted the employer can execute the actual mass layoff. Therefore to avoid unnecessary cost and time expenses in the future; detailed legal knowledge of the process is necessary. We offer legal advice and representation at any of the stages of this procedure, including negotiations with the unions.

We also offer complex legal and psychological training for the mass lay-off process that will be appreciated both by the redundant employees as well as the employees that have to execute these measures (managers and HR specialists), i.e. everyone being concerned by this tough life situation. You can find more information on how to successfuly manage reducing number of employees in all respects with law and ethics principles at the course dealing with Ethical mass lay-off during crisis.