E.U. law

EU law has become effective in Slovakia since the country joined E.U. on 1 May 2004. It is a very dynamically developing system of legal acts that do not exist on the national level and their system is ruled by its own logic. Nevertheless it has been created exactly for you – the business world to create common market and break the barriers that exist between States. We provide services focused on:

Transposition of EU/EC law into Slovak legal system:
  • Legal opinions in matters with EU law dimension
  • Implementation of EU law into particular spheres of Slovak law
  • Report for European Commission regarding the level of implementation of various labor law Directives into Slovak labor and social security law.
Rights originating from the EU/EC law:
  • Invoking rights against the State when Directives were not implemented, or were implemented incorrectly
  • Social security rights when employing EU nationals and their family members
Basic common market freedoms:
  • Freedom to offer services. This means invoking rights before the Slovak administrative authorities in order not to duplicate licensing obligation
  • Free movement of goods. Enabling companies to enter the market when the protective measures of the State are disproportionate and go beyond what is necessary for obtaining the goal
  • Free movement of capital.
  • Freedom to reside. EU nationals who settle in Slovakia and want to do business here. What are their rights, who is entitled to receive them.