labour law

The most important factor which attracts the foreign investors in Slovakia is the availability of strong and competent labour force for which we provide quality and value added services as below:

Employment audit:
  • detailed examination, evaluation of employment documents of the client/company and their subsequent reconciliation with valid legislation of labor law
  • identification of dysfunctional and/or excess employment documentation burdening the employment process in the company
  • unification of internal regulations with current the current employment legislative
  • review and evaluation of the employees‘ work conditions as well as the cooperation of the client/company with the trade unions, with other representatives of employees and state authorities whose activity and/or oversight and control clash with the industrial relations
  • the objective of the employment audit is to avoid defective and disadvantageous contracts or agreements of the client/company with their employees, the effort to minimalize possible disputes with the employees and the overall streamlining of administrative procedures within the company
Counselling for potential investor:
  • Slovak labour law environment analysis
  • Preparation of employment contract template to reduce employer's costs
  • Finding out the best solution for managing your company (the answer may be found in commercial law)
  • Preparing of comparative analysis of Slovak and European Labour Law
  • Including all social security laws
Counselling on employing the foreigners:
  • Analysis of Slovak employers' duties and responsibilities while employing E.U. and non-E.U. citizens
  • Counselling for dependents of the foreign employee working in Slovakia
  • Legal services relating to obtaining visa, working license, residence qualification or announcing permanent residence of E.U. citizen
Counselling a suitable employment for every businessman:
  • Preparation of employment contract templates (a good contract provides security and flexibility)
  • Consultation and preparation of documents leading to termination of employment
  • Preparing of working rules and by-laws
  • Employee outsourcing (leasing)
  • Assignation (movement) of employees abroad (Slovak employees to abroad, assignation from foreign company to Slovakia)
  • Transfer of rights and obligations arising from employment relations in connection with transfer of company or its part
Counselling for personal data protection in employment relations:
  • Safety and health protection of employees as an integral part of employment relations
  • Litigation and out-of-court settlement
Collective labour law:
  • Representations relating to collective bargaining with employees' representatives
  • Collective agreements