Life often brings some unpleasant moments when you know you are right but your opponent needs to be told this by a higher authority. The Court. The proceedings at courts are the last resort, as they take long and the result is not guaranteed, but they are an option to go for, especially if large sums of money are at stakes. We always try to bring out-of-court settlement of claim, but sometimes this is not possible. Then our court experience and procedural law steps in. Litigation is a costly and lengthy process therefore we first carefully scrutinize client's position in the dispute.

We are focused on litigation related to labour law, mostly the lawsuits initiating claim from invalid termination of employment relationship.

We also represent our clients in commercial disputes. The precise analysis of proposed contracts assumes good success (as the prevention is still the best of means), as well as assessment of the whole matter and the client’s prospect followed by the friendly settlement; discussion with the opposite party’s representatives (lawyers as well) who are not personally involved often leads into positive results.