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HR NEWS 3/2008 (24th September 2008)

Third issue of HR NEWS continues the series on employing of foreigners and brings an interesting overview of legal background for HR managers. Don't miss a special insert - Legal background for HR managers, our original method for HR managers and HR specialists based on lifecycle of company and employee relations.

New legal form (12th July 2008)

As we are growing, our attorney office has transformed into a limited liability company since 12t July 2008. All the relevant details are available at the Commerical Register and also at our website.

Morning Magazine of STV (13th February 2008)

Morning Magazine of Slovak Television (STV), 12th February 2008Every second week we are in the broadcast. JUDr. Dagmar Zukalová was a guest of yesterday's Morning Magazine of Slovak Television (STV). She answered questions relating to Work Health Service and prepared amendmend to Act No. 355/2007 Coll. on Protection, Support and Development of Public Health.

Labour Law 2008 (7th February 2008)

JUDr. Dagmar Zukalová will have her lecture at the "Labour Law 2008" conference subtitled "...whom was the Labour Law revision worth for?" titled "Legal and Social Aspects of Employing the Foreigners". The conference shall take its place on 2nd April 2008 in Radisson SAS Carlton Hotel in Bratislava.

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